Avoid Unwanted Emails on Yahoo

Email is a way of life for current society. Not only is it a convenient way to send personal messages, email is an important business communications tool. However, just as our snail mail boxes are daily bombarded with unwanted junk mail, email inboxes can just as easily get crammed with undesirable junk, spam, and messages containing vicious viruses and malware. How can you protect yourself from unwanted email on your Yahoo! Mail account?

Yahoo! Mail is one of the longest-running web-based email packages available since the internet stormed the scene in the 1990s. And Yahoo! takes its email service very seriously when it comes to protecting its customers from unwanted email.

Yahoo! Mail Spam Protection

Yahoo! has firm protections in place to protect user accounts from unwanted and unsolicited advertisement emails, also known as spam. That is why Yahoo! uses a special algorithm to help users filter potential spam from their inbox, termed, "SpamGuard."

SpamGuard is easily accessed by clicking Options-Mail Options-Spam from the main Yahoo! Mail navigation page. Users can have possible spam messages automatically sent to their Spam folder where they can review them later. Upon review of the Spam folder, a Yahoo! account user can determine if a message is from unwanted senders, and if a message is from a trusted source, he or she can send it back to the inbox as "Not Spam."

The Spam folder can be set to delete immediately, every week, two weeks, or every month. Users can even input email addresses and specific domains that they do not want delivered at all to their inbox. Yahoo! Mail even protects users from "hit" confirmations sent to spammers. By blocking images, no confirmation is sent to a spammer notifying that a message was opened and read.

Yahoo! Virus Protection

Viruses are malicious programs that are often sent as attachments via email messages. Yahoo! protects its mail users with automatic virus scanning with Norton Antivirus. Malicious programs and scripts can be detected from incoming or outgoing messages and alerts the user of any potential threat. Yahoo!'s Norton Antivirus also cleans messages of viruses to assure that no malicious files will be downloaded.

Yahoo!'s virus and spam policy is solid and is constantly being upgraded to provide Yahoo! users with the safest and most enjoyable email application. Be sure to read other ways Yahoo! protects its users from unwanted mail in their help topics section.

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