About the Yahoo Email Directory

Yahoo webmail, also affectionately known by its users as "Y! Mail," is a web-based email service started in 1997. Yahoo! itself was formed just three years prior as a web portal tool for internet users to perform searches for businesses, news, and other interesting websites.

Yahoo's webmail was formed in response to the tremendous growth of internet use. Their web-based email software was easy to use and offered account users access to free email in addition to popular Yahoo! Features, such as search, news, and shopping. Yahoo Mail continued surging in popularity, competing with its predecessor, MSN Hotmail, and now is one of the leading webmail services with over 275 million users.

Signing up for a Yahoo Mail account is simple. You simply need to provide your name and a few demographic bits of information, choose an email ID and password, and you're ready to go.

Signing on is easy through any web browser. Just go to Yahoo.com and click on the email icon. Then enter your ID and password, and you have access to all email features, such contacts, calendar, and even chat with other Yahoo users.

How to Run a Yahoo Email Search

A Yahoo email search is easy to conduct. The company provides email address lookup tools on their People Search site at people.yahoo.com. You can use their free email search directory to find a relative or friend's email address, or look up any person whose name you already know.

Finding a Yahoo User's Email Address

Yahoo does have strict privacy policies and will not publish users' email addresses or names of an email address user. Their privacy policy does, however, allow them to share users' email addresses with Yahoo! trusted partners for promotions and sweepstakes.

Although you can search for email addresses using the Yahoo email directory, you will get a list of all potential emails from numerous providers. A reverse email lookup can search for a name of a specific email address user. While Yahoo does not publish their own members' names, they do list others services who specialize in matching an owner's name to an email address.

Free Yahoo Email Lookups

If you do want to find a Yahoo user, you can look for an email owner's address with a reverse email search using the Yahoo directory advanced options. Also, with the growing popularity of social networks, perform searches through places like Facebook and Twitter to find possible Yahoo users.

Yahoo Webmail

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Yahoo!' s Email Privacy Policy

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