About the Verizon Email Directory

Verizon is a telecommunications company specializing in telephone, broadband, and cable television. Formed in 2000, Verizon customers were awarded not only with the services provided by the company, but also with an email account. Email account users had options to connect with their email accounts either via webmail and an internet-connected computer, as well as the option of downloading email.

Verizon does not publish specific numbers on the number of email accounts it handles, but as of its latest May 2010 fact sheet, it serves over 93 million customers. What is the only way to get a Verison.net email address? Simply become a customer. That means not everyone can have an email address. Only those who subscribe to a particular phone or cable service can sign up for a Verizon webmail account using their current service account number.

Those who do have Verizon webmail can easily access their accounts from any web browser. Simply go to the webmail address at webmail.verizon.net and enter your username and online password. Verizon webmail features are plenty, including easy email organization, preview, spam and virus filters, and access via mobile or smartphones.

How to Run a Verizon Email Search

Verizon, like most all other major webmail services, does maintain their own list of webmail user accounts. However, like most all other major webmail services, it does not publish its email account directory. Thus, a Verizon email lookup from their website is not possible. Nonetheless, there are other ways you can find a Verizon email address if you are in search of a lost friend, relative, or business contact.

Finding a Verizon User's Email Address

Verizon is committed to protecting their clients' privacy, but a Verizon email search can start with other third-party search directories. While the company does state they will share customer information within their family of companies and other third-party advertisers, customers always have the option of choosing to limit how their private information is shared.

Free Verizon Email Lookups

You can search Verizon email addresses using other techniques. Start with a general free email search on any major search engine, using a name and location of your intended individual. Other Verizon email finders may include searching popular social media sites like Facebook and MySpace. In addition, you can use internet email directories to perform an email search, or a Verizon reverse email lookup to find the name of a given email address. Many of these internet email directories charge a fee, but free searches are available.

Verizon Webmail

How To Utilize Verizon Email Headers

Email headers contain useful information that help you identify unknown email addresses. Learn more about Verizon's email headers and how they can help you.

Avoid Unwanted Emails on Verizon Mail

Avoid obnoxious email spam that only crowds your inbox with junk. Find out how to combat junk emails from unknown senders on Verizon's webmail service.

How To Use Verizon Email Features

Learn how to take advantage of all the features Verizon's email service has to offer. Use Verizon email to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues.

Verizon's Email Privacy Policy

Verizon email adheres to a high standard when it comes to protecting the privacy of its users. Learn all about the privacy features offered by Verizon's free webmail service.