About the MSN Email Directory

The Microsoft Network, or MSN, debuted in 1995 as a new online service with the release of Microsoft's new release of the Windows 95 operating system. Primarily introduced as a competitor to then dominant America Online, MSN was a dial-up service that provided low-cost internet access to its subscribers.

One of the features of the dial-up service was email. MSN email was accessible only as a subscriber sign in, but later added a web-based email access to meet the growing demands of webmail giants like Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.

The MSN email brands, including Hotmail and MSN Mail, merged into a single collective service brand called Windows Live in 2005. Though former users with the "@msn.com" domain can still access their accounts, new accounts are created with the "@live.com" or the "@hotmail.com" email domain.

Creating a Windows Live ID and email account is free. Simply check the availability of an ID, then create a password and provide a few demographic details. Your Windows Live ID allows access to email, as well as all other Windows Live services.

How to Run an MSN Email Search

An MSN email lookup is easy for anyone with a Windows Live account, including Hotmail, Live, and MSN account domains. Windows Live is a service that is like a social media site like Facebook. You can create a profile, upload photos, and set privacy standards. As well, you can search for other Windows Live users using their Add People feature. Add or import current contacts from other applications, or search the current MSN email finder listed in their directory.

Keep in mind, however, that anyone can hide their profile and email address in their profile settings, which could make it challenging to find an MSN email address.

Finding an MSN User's Email Address

The Windows Live website has a strict privacy policy limiting how they share private information. While users who register for certain Microsoft services do have to provide personal information, they do not rent, sell, or lease their customers' information to other third parties. For that reason, reverse email address searches, or looking up a member's name with a given email address, are not available.

Free MSN Email Lookups

While members within the Windows Live arena can potentially perform and MSN email finder among each other, there may be situations where alternative searches may be necessary. Look to free MSN email address search directories. Or perform an MSN email search using popular social media sites like Facebook or MySpace where members publish their addresses on their profile.

MSN Webmail

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