About the Hotmail Email Directory

Hotmail was one of the earliest web-based email software applications that grew quickly in popularity. Its easy-to-use features and convenient access with any internet access created a webmail frenzy back in 1996 when it was introduced.

Hotmail was named from a twist on the web coding language HTML by its founders. After its initial growth spurt, Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft in 1997 and placed as part of its MSN offering, and Microsoft changed the name to MSN Hotmail. In 2007, Microsoft made considerable upgrades and updates to its web-based email and re-introduced it as "Windows Live Hotmail" in 2007.

In May of 2010, MSN touted having the most users of any webmail service, with 360 million users worldwide.

Creating a Windows Live Hotmail account is very easy. Just perform a check on an account name's availability, then enter a password, your name, country, state, DOB, and zip code. Once you've signed up, you have access to all the Windows Live line of services.

How to Run a Hotmail Email Search

You can perform an email search for other Hotmail users. Similar to a phone book's white pages, Hotmail collects all their email account users and stores them in a directory. The easiest way to find an email address is to have a Windows Live Hotmail account.

When a Hotmail user is logged in, he or she can search for friends, family, and contacts using their names, and results will be returned if the individuals in question have an account at Hotmail. Or, simply search emails by performing a search on a person's name using the Windows Live search engine, Bing.

Finding a Hotmail User's Email Address

A Hotmail email lookup is not simple at first glance. One reason is the Microsoft privacy statement. Their privacy policy states that they do not share a user's information without the user's consent. Windows Live does give users a choice in their account setup whether or not to share private information. Windows Live does, however, state that they will share private information with other partners and affiliates.

A Hotmail reverse email lookup can be performed, but not through a Hotmail lookup if a user completes a "contact card." The information on this "card" helps searchers determine if the person is the actual individual they are seeking.

However, in order to perform a Hotmail reverse email search, you would find the best and most efficient results from a paid, third-party online search that specializes in matching online names and addresses.

Free Hotmail Email Lookups

Free Hotmail email lookups can be performed directly on the Windows Live Bing search engine. Or you could also try searching for people through social networks like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. These will often show results and possibly an email contact of a person.

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Windows Live Hotmail Email Privacy Policy

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