About the Gmail Email Directory

Google made a huge impact on the world wide web when it was introduced in 1998. With its revolutionary and proprietary search algorithm, it quickly became a contender for search engine dominance. As it rose to the top of search engine list, Google also expanded its offerings and services, including a growing and popular form of web-based email.

Gmail was introduced and released as a Beta test in 2004. Account members were added only through invitation from other Gmail account members. The service quickly grew in numbers, and it was offered to the general public starting February 7, 2007, although it retained its Beta status. Gmail was upgraded from Beta to general status in July of 2009.

Google does not publish actual user numbers, and thus, it is difficult to estimate the actual number of users. However, one can compare other statistics to get a clear picture of Gmail's popularity. With continued growth, Gmail still lags behind Yahoo Mail and Hotmail to be third in the webmail rankings.

Creating a Gmail account is easy and free. Simply provide your name, an account name, and password, and then read the Terms of Service. Gmail ensures that only legitimate email accounts are created by an actual person, not a "bot," with word-verification, and every member must provide an alternate "recovery" email address.

How to Run a Gmail Email Search

It is common for email users to want to perform an email lookup to find other users' email addresses. Whether to simply send a business-related message or to catch up on old times, a Gmail email finder would be helpful. However, from the beginning, Gmail has maintained its members' privacy. Gmail does not maintain or provide a public directory.

Finding a Gmail User's Email Address

However, Google does have ways you can begin to find a Gmail address. Google has a Google Groups section that may be helpful to begin an address search.

Free Gmail Email Lookups

Though Gmail does not have a user directory, you can perform free reverse Gmail email searches using other research methods. First, consider that many people publish their email address on other public web directories. Classmates.com and Reunion.com are examples of this type of Gmail address search. Also, popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and YouTube are prime locations to search Gmail addresses. You may also find a Gmail address through paid people and email search directories.

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Gmail’s Email Privacy Policy

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