About the AOL Email Directory

America Online, or AOL as it is widely known, was a pioneer in world wide web user access and communications. With roots going back to 1985, AOL was officially formed in 1989 and was the leader in modem dial-up internet access for the next decade. With subscription-based features, AOL members were also provided with an email address.

AOL's dial-up service popularity diminished with the newer DSL and cable internet access, eliminating the need for a telephone and modem. In 2004, AOL released its version of webmail to meet the growing demand for easy internet email access, but was not free for general user accounts until 2006. While it’s popularity has diminished since its dominance in the 1990s, it still places fourth in webmail popularity behind Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail.

Setting up a webmail account is accomplished by going to the main aol.com domain, then clicking on the "Free Mail" link. New members are required to answer a few personal and demographic questions, then request a desired username and password. Accessing AOL Mail is easy through any web browser.

How to Run an AOL Email Search

AOL is now mainly an internet content provider, with services such as a search engine, news, entertainment, community groups, and of course, email. Any current member can logon and search AOL email addresses for users online on public groups and communities. This is a popular social networking service that brings together individuals who are all within the AOL member sites.

Finding an AOL User's Email Address

However, AOL does not publish a member directory due to its privacy policy. An AOL reverse email search, or looking up a member name with a given email address, is not available through the network. However, there are online services that specialize in matching an owner's name to an email address, usually for a paid fee.

Free AOL Email Lookups

Anyone who wants to perform an AOL email search can use free tools found on the internet. One method is to look for a name through popular social networking sites like Facebook. Another way to perform a free AOL email search for lost friends and contacts is through databases such as Reunion.com or Classmates.com. At sites like these, you can search AOL emails if you know a name, city, and even high school where the individual used to attend.

AOL Webmail

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Avoid Unwanted Emails on AOL

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How To Use AOL Email Features

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AOL’s Email Privacy Policy

AOL email adheres to a high standard when it comes to protecting the privacy of its users. Learn all about the privacy features offered by AOL's free webmail service.