Directory of Webmail Services

Most people who use email have an account through a webmail service. Webmail, also known as web-based email, is any email service that can be accessed through a web browser and an internet connection. Popular webmail services include Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, MSN, and AOL. Also included are subscription-based webmail like Comcast and Verizon.

Webmail accounts have the advantage of being extremely convenient for account users. Users can access their webmail inboxes with any computer connected to the internet, making it simple to check messages from a home internet connection or any laptop connected via WiFi. In addition, with the advantage of new smartphone technology like the iPhone, users can browse the internet and their webmail anywhere they go.

With each webmail service having tens of millions of accounts, it is no wonder that these are great places to search for people and find email addresses. Free email searches and free email lookup for lost friends or loved ones are easy through an email directory. In addition, people who receive an email from someone they don't know can easily perform a reverse-search for email users to determine the owner of the email address.

AOL Webmail

America Online, or AOL, pioneered and fueled modem-based internet access from 1991 through about 2001. Email was a popular feature with AOL, but since the onset and popularity of free webmail services, AOL formed its free web-based email in 2004 to meet the demand. AOL Mail still has tens of millions of loyal users.

Comcast Webmail

Comcast is another American telecommunications giant who offers subscriber-based webmail. Customers who purchase Comcast main cable or internet services can also be eligible for a free webmail account. Users can check their email from their television, home computer, or anywhere with internet access.

Gmail Webmail

Google made a dramatic impact on the way people use the internet in 2001 with its unique search engine algorithms. No to be outdone, Google formed Gmail in 2004 as an invite-only beta program to test its webmail service to the public. Lovers of the Google search engine quickly jumped onboard, and it is now in the top four of webmail services.

Hotmail Webmail

MSN’s Hotmail was the pioneer of free webmail when it started in 1996. With its new “email anywhere” feature, people jumped on board by the millions. It still is one of the leading webmail services, touting over 360 million active accounts.

MSN Webmail

Software giant, Microsoft, jumped into the webmail foray in the mid-1990s with their “internet portal” site, However, even before then, Microsoft offered MS-DOS webmail services starting in 1991. They offered free webmail to users, as well as a host of great features attractive to users.

Verizon Webmail

Verizon was formed in 2000 and provides telecommunication services, such as telephone and cable TV. Along with their services, Verizon also began providing their telecommunication subscribers with free webmail accessible through their home computers or via an internet connection.

Yahoo Webmail

Yahoo Mail was one of the earliest webmail services started in 1997. Yahoo Mail is still a webmail leader and one of the largest webmail services available, with over 275 million users. With Yahoo’s popular easy-to-use email format, search features, and unlimited email storage, users around the world choose Yahoo Mail.

Webmail Directory

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