How To Find Email Addresses

It is now possible to find email addresses online through the use of some very simple tools that are available to everyone with an internet connection.  However, if you want to search for an email address online, you do need to know where to begin looking.

The web is filled with different websites and email directories such as Yahoo!, Government agencies, Switchboard, Bigfoot, colleges, businesses,,, and worldemaildirectory to name a few.  These offer free reverse email searches, but aren't quite as competitive as they were even just a few years ago.

Finding an email address at these sites is often quite effective, however, it is becoming more challenging with every day to discover many email addresses because there is an increasing priority being placed on peoples' privacy.  Therefore, people are often no longer automatically added to email directories when they sign up for some of the largest email providers.  Therefore, unless they deliberately choose to add themselves to a directory, then they will not be publically accessible.

However, the more you know about the person - such as where they live or even a telephone number - the easier the search will be.  Just remember not to stop after searching at one email directory or other website.  Just because you weren't successful with one site, it doesn't mean that you won't be lucky somewhere else.  Each site has their own list, and therefore, the more you search, the better your odds.

Email directory websites, in combination with social networking sites such as Facebook, you'll have a good chance at finding the person you're seeking - as long as they are registered somewhere, and they do indeed have an email address.  The key here is persistence, and a carefully thought out searching pattern that includes as many sites as possible.

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