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While emailing is a wonderful way to keep in touch with family, friends, or co-workers, it also can become a dumping ground for spam mail and other nuisances. If you have an email account, especially a freebie one, such as Yahoo or AOL, you probably have at least encountered and sometimes been overwhelmed with an array of anonymous emails, or, even worse, "cyberstalkers." While the anonymous emails are annoying, the "cyberstalkers" can often send threatening or obscene messages. In addition, you may have done business with someone on the internet only to find out it was a scam artist. Of course, they have used a code name or false identity, but as long as you have their email address, it is possible to track them down. All you need to do is find a reliable email search service that will conduct a reverse email search. This simply means that you will enter the email address into a designated search box, and the service will use search engines to find any instances of this address and return specific information about the owner.

Here are some suggestions for beginning your search:

A good starting place is to look at the email address for clues to help you discover the email provider. If this is obvious, such as or, then you should go to these websites to begin. Most of the major email providers have reverse email search capabilities. In order to set up these accounts, it is usually a requirement for a person to supply some basic information in order to use their services, including their name. If this does not prove to be successful, don't give up. You can try a variety of other email search services on the internet that offer reverse email searches. Some are for free and others you must pay a fee to see the results.

What information does a reverse email search provide for me?

Things to keep in mind:

Most professional "cyberstalkers" and scam artists are usually very clever and go to great lengths to hide their identity. Tracing down their identity may not be easy or quick. They probably have used several aliases as well as set up many email accounts in many different locations. However, sometimes the more activity there is the better the chances of tracking them down. Just remember, this is for your safety and peace of mind, so patience and persistency can really pay off by stopping this type of unwelcomed cyber behavior.

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