Find Your Friend's Email Address

Social networking sites have become exceptionally popular over the last few years, and are very effective for coming in contact with friends and family people haven't heard from in a long time, and for solidifying relationships that were already formed. Many people don't think of social networking sites as great ways to find friends' email addresses.

However, social networking sites are, in actuality, are great ways to build your personal directories and find additional contact methods--such as email--for your friends and family.

After all, the majority of people who list their profiles on social networking sites will include their email addresses in their contact information before just about any other detail. Even the individuals who refuse to share their telephone numbers and mailing addresses will usually include an email address where they can be reached.

Therefore, if you want to find out more ways to reach some of your friends and family, or if you already know how to reach them but need to find their email addresses in a pinch, social networking sites are exceptionally handy tools.

Of course, social networking sites - such as,, and, of course, Facebook--won't simply hand out peoples' addresses without their permission. Usually, this permission consists of a person accepting your "friendship" or accepting your having added them to your directory or friend list. This is important to everyone's privacy, as it wouldn't be favorable to have contact information open to anybody who can use the internet - especially someone who has the intention of spamming.

Once you have been granted permission by the individual, you will have access to profile information, including an email address if it has been included in that profile. If the email address is not listed in that profile, you can usually contact the individual using an online form and request the email address.

Social networking sites are great ways to reach your friends and family--and get their email addresses, too.

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