Using Social Networks

Emailing has become the number one method of communicating both personally and professionally. While you can easily email someone who is in your address book or within your company, it becomes more complicated when you don't know the person's email address. Unlike the telephone, there is not a comprehensive directory of email addresses. You can spend your valuable time and, in some cases, money using various search engines, such as Google, or various people find services, such as Yahoo's, to find an email address. These types of searches often use a broad cross section of databases to gather information, and the results may be too numerous, and sometimes unreliable, to narrow down who you need. This is why searching social networks can be very helpful and worthwhile.

With the continual rise in popularity of social networks, searching these sites can result in a better chance of finding the person you want to email, and it is free! Social networks, such as Facebook or MySpace, are sites where people of all ages and walks of life post their profiles to keep in touch with family and friends and to meet new people. Even professionals or business owners use these sites as a means to promote their businesses or products. With this large number and cross section of people, this is an ideal place to search for a specific person.

Unlike other search services, you do not have to be a member to search for someone. Some sites require you to create a login and profile, while others simply allow you to search for members. You can key in the person's name, and the site returns all the possible options. In many cases, a picture is shown to help you identify that it is indeed the person you are looking for. While the site does not show the email or any personal information in order to protect their members, it does provide the ability to email this person. While it may take some time before the person returns your email, it helps assure that you have found the correct person.

If this type of search does not work, please don't give up. This is just one of the many email search services available for you to use. Allow yourself time and keep trying until you find one that will give you the help you need. It will be well worth it when you can reconnect with an old friend or may be even reunite with a lost loved one.

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