Use an Old Address to Find a New One

Emailing has become the number one choice of communicating with family, friends, and business associates. Most address books are filled with contacts and email addresses, and as long as these are up- to-date, you can send out messages very quickly.

However, one of the inherent problems of emailing someone is not having a current email address. People tend to change these more often than you think and forget to notify everyone on their email list. While there are email registry services available on the internet that do change of email address requests, most people do not know about this or forget to do it. If they did, you could simply key in their old email address on these sites, and they would give you the new one. A lot of people use forwarding to get their email from their previous one to their current one. However, just as in snail mail, they can only do this for so long. You could try doing a reverse email search with the old one to try to find the person. Unfortunately, based on the time period since it was last used, this method is not very reliable. One clue may be to look at the prior one for the provider. If it has an extension of a big provider, such as MSN, they may still have their account here but simply changed their id. If this is the case, try looking on MSN to find out if you can search by name to see if they may still be in here. However, if you don't have a name, this won't work.

Whatever you do, don't get discouraged. If you know the name or sometimes even a phone number, you will be extremely happy to know how many search services have premium information on up-to-date email addresses. If you think how many times we key in personal info to join something or get a free email account, then you should not be surprised to know that people make a pretty good living from gathering all of this data to make it available for just this purpose. While it can be a little overwhelming and intimidating to think about this, you certainly can appreciate it when you need to find something through the complicated maze of the internet. Through diligence and educating yourself about all of the possible solutions available to you in cyberspace, you will be triumphant.

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