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Searching for old friends and coworkers has never been easier because of email people search. People search just refers to people searching for other people, and now-a-days, that usually means searching for people online. Email is often the most courteous way to get in touch with old friends and co-workers. Think about it: it's unobtrusive, fast, and doesn't take a lot of work.

Email is often considered less personal than cell phones or phone numbers. If you get a phone call from a phone number you don't recognize, you might let it go to voicemail or answering machine. But if you get an email from a person you don't remember, you're far more likely to open it. For this reason, email people search is a very convenient was to get in touch with people.

While no major email directory exists, there are premium directories that carry up-to-date email address information on much of the adult U.S. population. It's kind of like a new version of the White Pages, but this time it's an Email White Pages.

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IMAP Email Services

Learn about IMAP email services and how they work. On MyFreeEmailSearch, you can do reverse email lookups on ALL kinds of email services - not just IMAP! Check out our article on POP3 Email Services for a more complete picture of the two main email service technologies currently in existence.

Be Protected From Internet Stalkers by Using a Reverse Email Search

find email addresses over internet stalkers and protect yourself

Searching for Email Addresses through reverse email searches

stop online harrassment through a reverse email search or email lookup

Protect Your Children When They are Online Using Reverse Email Search

protecting against online predators by using reverse email lookups

An Introduction to Email Marketing

The concept of email marketing is one that allows for businesses to reach out to their customers in a faster, more efficient manner. Email marketing is a great way to build customer loyalty by allowing a business to keep in touch with their consumers on a regular basis by notifying them about updates, or offering coupons or promotional discounts. It is also something that saves businesses a lot money while being eco-friendly all at the same time.