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Email address searches have become very reliable the past few years. Whether you're looking for an email directory to find an old friend or co–worker, chances are good that they can be found.

There are several free resources for finding email addresses, and the hard–to–find addresses or new e-mail addresses can be found through premium email search databases. But first, we'll explain the different between forward and reverse email search.

What is an Email Search?

This type of search is commonly called an email lookup or email directory search. Basically, you can type in a person's name (first, last, or partial) and find their email address or a list of their addresses if they have multiple. This idea is similar to the White Pages of yesteryear, just updated for the 21st Century.

What is a Reverse Email Search?

This is frequently called a reverse e-mail lookup. In this case, the searcher already has the person's e-mail address, but doesn't know who sent it. So an email address is typed in and the owner's name and address (or other relevant information) is returned.

Free Tips To Find Email Information

Have you ever wanting to find the owner of an email address by a reverse look up? Maybe someone you don’t know if sending you a load of emails. It is a natural occurrence and curiosity to know who the person is. You could possibly get spam or otherwise unwanted emails to your own account. By knowing who the email is from can aid in whether or not you want to send a reply email back. Performing a reverse email search allows you to have the access of the identity of someone who is using that particular address. Doing this kind of search can also help you to find old friends or classmates, long lost relatives and the opportunity to find out who is sending you spam.

Not everyone that has an email address online wants to be found through searching methods. Though it is easy to set up free email accounts with personal information, some people choose to set up fake accounts. Even if you think you know a lot about the person you are trying to look up, there still might be some difficulty in finding a person through reverse email address lookups. This being said, not everyone is going to have an email address or account set up. Some people choose not to have access to the internet because they do not want to deal with technology. Others choose not to set up accounts for email because they do not like having their personal information available on the web. The fact is, you may have a difficult time finding people if they do not have access to the internet.

Find Email Addresses through Corporate Domains

Occasionally people will get email accounts through their place of business. Most corporate offices and headquarters will have extensive databases. If you know what company the person you are looking for works at, you could find the email address by searching through a company’s directory. Performing an email search online can also be done on LinkedIn where many professionals set up accounts to network.

Through School or Colleges

By implementing a reverse email lookup, many people can find email information and people by doing a search. First of all, if you know the email address of the person you want to look up, you can easily find information regarding that email through the use of the internet. Since there are many web sites available for searching, all that is needed is the email address and you can plug in the email to find names, birth dates and other pertinent information that may be available. Try a performing a reverse email search to find out about the person you want to know more about.

Broadening name searches

Whenever you begin to do a people search by reverse email, you should know that most email addresses can be a person’s first and last name. Other times, people will use their email address to signify what kind of person they are. If you broaden name searches for emails, you can easily find information about them.

Contact the Domain Administrator

Say you have had many emails from an account and the incessant emails are starting to bother you. You can stop the emails by contacting the administrator from the domain of the email address. This can work also for looking up a person with the email account. Contact the customer service department to find out any information that they can provide to you. Some website controllers who have access to email accounts can check their databases to help you out. They can even sent emails to the person directly.

Using an IP Address

Another option that can be used to find people and email address can be from the IP addresses. Each email, even those that are from school or company accounts will have specific IP addresses. The IP address that the email provides will help you to find who it came from as well as the location. Certain computer IP addresses are easy to find, whereas others can be harder. With the IP number, you can search with an IP tracer.

Contact the Emailer Directly

The last tip to finding information for email addresses comes by directly contacting the person with the email that you have. You already know that there are multiple searching sites on the internet to find email addresses based off of names of people and other information. If you want to perform a person search for more information about the email account’s owner, you can send an email asking for what you want. Chances are, you might get the reply you are looking for.

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There are going to be emails that come into your inbox that are of no interest to you. That is often because you know there is so much spam out there. There are a lucky few that never have to deal with spam, but don't count on one of those people being you.

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